What is Robotlegs

Robotlegs is a pure AS3 micro-architecture (framework) for developing Flash, Flex, and AIR applications. Robotlegs is narrowly focused on wiring application tiers together and providing a mechanism by which they communicate. Robotlegs seeks to speed up development while providing a time tested architectural solution to common development problems. Robotlegs is not interested in locking you into the framework, your classes are just that, your classes, and should be easily transferable to other frameworks should the need or desire to do so arise in the future.

The framework supplies a default implementation based on the Model-View-Controller meta-design pattern. This implementation provides a strong suggestion as to application structure and design. While it does make your application slightly less portable, it still aims to be as minimally invasive as possible in your concrete classes. By extending the MVC+S implementation classes, you are supplied with numerous methods and properties for the sake of convenience.

You are never obligated to use the standard MVC+S implementation with Robotlegs. You can use any part of it, none of it, or freely roll your own implementation to suit your needs. It is included to provide a proper reference implementation and a jump start to using Robotlegs.